5 dollars

Revision and Introduction to Money

One of the focuses of maths this week was money. The topics covered included:


What notes do we have?

Reserve Bank of Australia: http://banknotes.rba.gov.au/australias-banknotes/banknotes-in-circulation/five-dollar/

5 dollars

How can we write dollar amounts? Students demonstrate on their whiteboards, how me how to write dollar amounts (e.g. $20) from pictures shown. Various correct answers could be: twenty dollars, 20 dollars or $20.

Reinforce that even though money dollar sign comes first, we still say the amount before we say the word dollars.


What coins do we have?

Look at Royal Mint website to review coins including the now defunct 1c and 2c coins.

How can we write cents? Fifty cents, 50 cents or 50c. Any other ways? $0.50. We don’t add the c if w already wrote a $ sign.

Before the decimal is the dollar amount, after the decimal is the cents amount.

Dollars and Cents

What about writing dollars and cents together? $20.50 twenty dollars fifty or twenty dollars and fifty cents.


How many cents in a dollar?

Return to Mint Website: http://www.ramint.gov.au/designs/ram-designs/1c.cfm

Talk about decimal system.

How many cents are in $1.00? How many cents in $3:00?

Read amounts pictorially & written

Record amounts to $100 – using notes & coins separately

Simple transaction – change from $1 – count up – include transactions with $2 up to $10

Simple total spent – multiple items.