News from 3J – Week 6, Term 1

It hardly seems possible we are already in week 6 of the term.

We have been working hard. We have finished our History unit on Celebrations and Commemorations and begun our science unit on Heat.

In English we have been working on persuasive texts. The students have a very good grasp of the structure of a persuasive text and we’re working on improving our sentences and paragraphs. We’ve been practising simple, compound and complex sentences. We have an important assessment on Friday where we write our own persuasive text in 45 minutes.

In Maths we’ve been working on addition, subtraction, multiplication as repeated addition, fractions and this week we’ve learned about division. If that isn’t enough we’ve also been measuring mass (weight at this level) and problem solving. Today we revised our 2D and 3D shapes and we were challenged to make shapes out of match sticks and play dough. We weren’t told outright what to build, we had to work out the object from clues such as the number of edges and faces the object has.

Before we could begin we had to use our new division skills to work out how we could evenly share our pots of play dough among our 24 students.

There is always lot’s happening in 3J!


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